S4000 Sliding door operator

The S4000 electric sliding door operator - convenience and safety for your door

Electric sliding door operators are a modern solution for convenient and safe operation of sliding doors in residential and commercial premises. 

The powerful Reisinger S4000 sliding door drive system requires just 52mm installation depth. 

This slim sliding door operator can be used to create elegant and architecturally appealing sliding door solutions.

The smallest and most powerful electric sliding door operator in its series leaves nothing to be desired.

It offers 100% power and dynamics in a minimum of space with maximum possibilities. Especially in sensitive areas, the strengths of the fully come to bear.
Vor allem in sensiblen Bereichen kommen die Stärken des Antriebs voll zum Tragen. 

An electric sliding door operator is a motor that automatically opens and closes a sliding door. The operator is usually mounted on the ceiling or wall and is controlled by a wide range of devices.

Our electric sliding door operators are available in different sizes and designs and can be adapted to different door sizes.

Electric sliding door operators for accessibility and safety

With the S4000 you improve the accessibility of buildings, especially for people with mobility problems.

Sliding door operators allow users to open doors easily and effortlessly, without the hassle of reaching for a door handle or opening the door manually.

This not only improves accessibility for people with disabilities, but also for the elderly and parents with strollers.

The S4000 drive system is tailor-made for every application! Both for sensitive areas in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, institutes and laboratories, as well as for robust areas in entrances, stores and industry.

In general, an electric sliding door operator consists of a motor, a control unit and a drive mechanism.

The motor drives the drive mechanism that moves the door. The control unit monitors the operation of the drive and ensures that the door is opened and closed properly.

The remote control, push button, motion detector or another system like our R-Access gives the signal to the operator to open or close the door.

The compact design is the guarantor for its reliable and maintenance-free operation and avoids costly interventions by fitter and/or service technician.

Der Elektrische Schiebetür Antrieb S4000 als 3D Rendering mit kurzer Laufschiene

Essential features

  • Low installation depth of 52mm
  • Door weight up to 400kg
  • self-learning, & situation adaptive
  • Special programming possible
  • simple parameter setting
  • low-noise toothed belt drive
  • easy & fast assembly
  • Ceiling / wall mounting possible
  • Single-wing / Double-wing / Telescopic versions



Simple parameterization

Immediately available

VIle safety functions

Suitable for standard DIN door dimensions

Plug & Play

Extremely strong

Can move up to 400kg doors

Also for home

Can also be used safely as a low-energy drive at home

Minimum space requirement

Only 5.2cm installation depth


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