Round arch drive

Curvy ride

Sliding doors offer a lot of advantages over traditional doors. They save space and allow for a fluid room layout. But what happens when you need a door that can't move in a straight line? A door that moves through an arch, for example? That's exactly the problem our arch drive solves.With our special tracks, we are able to move your door in curves. This way, spatial conditions are no longer the limiting factor when it comes to deciding for or against a sliding door. A curved drive opens up a whole new world of design freedom for you.

The system is easy to install and can be integrated with a wide range of doors, including sliding glass doors and sliding wood doors. Our tracks are designed to ensure smooth and reliable movement. Our motors are powerful enough to move even heavy doors with ease. It also easily integrates with the IntelliDrive, R-Accsses and Snapinline.


The advantages of sliding doors are well documented. They save space, are easy to operate and can visually enlarge a room. The round arch drive goes one step further. With this system, you can create doors in shapes and sizes that would otherwise be impossible. For example, if you need a partition between a living room and a dining room, but you don't have a straight passage, you can install a sliding door with a round arch operator to solve the problem.

Another option is to use elliptical sliding doors. An elliptical door moves on an oval track and allows you to create a room in a unique and appealing way. These doors are especially good for entrances to living rooms or bedrooms.

Another example is the use of sliding doors in S-shape. Such a door can move through a sequence of curves, which is an attractive and practical solution for rooms with unusual shapes or limited space.

Our round arch operator uses the latest 3D rail technology. These rails are designed to provide smooth and reliable movement, regardless of the shape of the door or the length of the rail. The round arch operator is a state-of-the-art, innovative operator that opens up a whole new world of design freedom for you. Our sliding doors are suitable for both residential and commercial use. They are perfect for houses, apartments, offices, hotels and other facilities. The round arch operator is easy to operate and can be controlled by a variety of control mechanisms, including

Another advantage of sliding doors with round arch drive is accessibility. These doors can be opened with a simple push of a button or by remote control, which is especially beneficial for the elderly or people with disabilities. In addition, it is possible to install automated systems that open and close the doors automatically.Installing a round arch operator does not require any changes to the existing structure of your building. Our tracks can be easily attached to the wall or ceiling and do not require additional beams or supports. This means that you can install a sliding door with round arch operator in almost any environment, whether in an existing building or in a new construction.

Whether in elliptical form, or in the shape of an S, the use of our 3D rails also opens up new avenues in round arch drive technology.