Special requirements and the perfect measure in shipbuilding

The S4000 drive is an indispensable feature in the world of shipbuilding. With its impressive 100% reliability and compact installation dimensions, it has made a name for itself in the industry. Despite its shallow installation depth of just 52mm, the sliding door operator is capable of operating on even the largest and most expensive yachts in the world.

Thanks to its robust design, compact drive technology and ability to move various materials, the S4000 drive has mastered all shipbuilding requirements.The reliability of the S4000 drive has contributed to its excellent reputation in the industry. Its ability to operate in extreme conditions has enabled it to survive even in the rough waters of the oceans.

Another advantage of the S4000 drive is its user-friendliness. The drive is easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance. This saves shipbuilders time and money when installing and maintaining drives. It is no wonder that shipbuilders around the world choose the compact drive technology to make their projects a success. The S4000 drive is also known for its energy efficiency. Its ability to operate with minimal energy consumption helps shipbuilders reduce their operating costs. This is particularly important as costs in shipbuilding are often high.

The flexibility of the S4000 drive allows shipbuilders to realize a wide range of projects. Whether it is a luxury yacht or a vessel for scientific research, the S4000 drive can meet all requirements. This makes it an indispensable tool in the world of shipbuilding.

Overall, the S4000 drive is a remarkable propulsion system that occupies an important place in shipbuilding. Its 100% reliability, ease of use, compact drive technology, energy efficiency and flexibility make it an excellent choice for shipbuilders around the world.

The team behind the S4000 propulsion system has proven its ability to develop customized solutions to meet the requirements of any project. The S4000 propulsion system has already successfully completed numerous challenging projects and will continue to play a key role in shipbuilding.


In addition to its outstanding performance in shipbuilding, the S4000 drive has also found application in other industries. It is frequently used in the automotive and aircraft industries, where it is valued for its compact drive technology and high reliability.

Despite its wide range of applications remains the S4000 drive system indispensable in shipbuilding, however. Its ability to move heavy doors and window bosses without compromising the limited space on yachts and ships makes it an indispensable element in the design and construction of modern vessels.

Overall, the S4000 drive system an indispensable element in the world of shipbuilding. Its unique features and capabilities have earned it an outstanding reputation in the industry. Whether moving doors, window bosses or other applications, the S4000 drive is the perfect choice for any shipbuilder looking for top performance.