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The electric sliding door for the home - no compromises

By activating the "Low-Enegy" operating mode, the S4000 sliding door operator can also be used without security systems ( e.g. light barrier) within your own 4 walls. The low current version differs from the regular motor controls by a massive hardware/software controlled reduction of the motor power.As soon as the software detects a resistance while driving the door, the door stops.Furthermore the motor power is adjusted so much that the door can be stopped with one finger. If desired, the drive system can of course be further controlled with photoelectric sensors, motion detectors, push buttons and more. Furthermore, we offer a revolutionary magnetic drive - no toothed belt, no motor, no noise. Thanks to its small dimensions and unobtrusive appearance, the comfort of automatic sliding doors now also finds its way into design-oriented areas.

Electric sliding doors are an elegant and practical solution to create a modern and at the same time comfortable atmosphere at home. Installation of electric sliding door operators allows to facilitate access to rooms and areas in the house and increase comfort. In this text, we will take a closer look at why to use electric sliding door operators at home. One of the most important reasons to install electric sliding doors home is improved accessibility. Sliding doors allow you to reduce the amount of space needed compared to traditional doors, which is especially beneficial in small rooms or hallways. Electric sliding door operators also provide an automatic opening and closing function, which further simplifies access, ensuring convenient operation

Silent magnetic drive

Elektrische Schiebetür für Zuhause mit Magnetantrieb

S4000 Low-Energy

Elektrische Schiebetür für Zuhause als S4000 Low-Energy Variante

Another advantage of electric sliding doors is its energy efficiency. The automatic closing function ensures that the door is always completely closed and thus no cold or heat penetrates to the outside. This allows you to save energy costs and at the same time contribute to environmental protection. Through our own integration into smart home systems such as Home Assistant (through our Intellidrive adapter), you can also easily connect your S4000 to your heating control system. The electric sliding door for the home also offers a higher level of security compared to conventional doors. The automatic closing function prevents the door from being accidentally left open and thus posing a potential safety risk. This is especially important if you have small children or pets. Also, in case one should retrofit an electric sliding door for home is the possibility of integrating it into the existing interior. Sliding doors are available in different sizes, materials and colours, so you can adapt them to your own style and taste.

Electric sliding door operators can also be installed discreetly in the background, so as not to spoil the aesthetic appearance of the room. Another aspect that speaks for the use of electric sliding doors home is their accessibility. Sliding doors allow people with physical disabilities to enter the room without obstacles. Installing electric sliding door operators further improves accessibility by providing an automatic opening and closing function. This means that the door can be opened and closed simply by pressing a button, without the need for physical effort. Another advantage of an electric sliding door for home is its noise reduction. Unlike traditional doors, which often squeak or rattle when opened or closed, sliding doors are virtually silent. This is especially advantageous in rooms such as the bedroom or the office, where you want to work or sleep undisturbed.

In conclusion, sliding electric doors for home are an elegant and practical solution to facilitate access to rooms and areas, while increasing comfort. Energy efficiency, higher security and the possibility of integration with the existing interior are other advantages that make the use of electric sliding doors in your own home recommendable. If you also want to use an electric sliding door for home, then you should consult us. We can help you find the right solution for your needs and carry out the installation professionally.