Areas of application in the hospital & surgical area

The hospital is a place where many people come and go every day. Patients, visitors, doctors and nurses need easy and safe access to the various rooms in the hospital. In this context, automatic doors are an important measure for increasing freedom of movement and improving hygiene.

Large opening widths, massive operating room and X-ray doors are standard in hospitals. Here, the doors must not only be robust and safe, but also open and close quickly and reliably. The S4000 drive is a solution that meets these requirements. The extreme power of the drive ensures that even lead-reinforced doors can be opened and closed in the shortest possible time. At the same time, the drive operates almost silently and thus contributes to the pleasant atmosphere in the hospital.

In addition to the S4000 drive, professional building control systems such as the KNX system are also a useful addition in the hospital, which can be easily integrated into the system. With the help of these systems, fire openings and closings can be controlled centrally. Thus, in the event of a fire, doors can be opened automatically to clear escape routes or form fire compartments.

Other doors in the hospital can also be controlled via these systems. For example, doors to sensitive areas such as intensive care units or operating rooms can only be opened by authorized persons.

Freedom of movement for patients and visitors is also an important factor in the hospital. Wheelchairs, crutches or beds must be able to be moved through the corridors without creating obstacles. Automatic doors are a great help here. They open and close automatically, allowing patients and visitors to pass through without assistance. In this case, too, the technology helps to increase hygiene by avoiding contact with door handles.

In summary, automatic doors play an important role in hospitals and especially in the operating area. They increase the freedom of movement of patients and visitors, improve hygiene and contribute to increased safety.


The S4000 drive and professional building controls such as the KNX system are useful additions to control the doors in the hospital even more effectively and thus meet the requirements in the healthcare sector. The installation of automatic doors is not only beneficial in hospitals, but also in other medical facilities such as doctors' offices or nursing homes.

Automating doors in hospitals can also save on personnel resources. Nurses and doctors thus have more time for their actual tasks and do not have to worry about opening and closing doors. This also means relief for patients and visitors, as they can concentrate on their recovery or visiting without having to worry about doors.

Overall, the use of automatic doors in hospitals, and especially in the operating theater, is a sensible measure that brings numerous benefits. The technology helps to increase freedom of movement, improve hygiene and increase safety. The S4000 drive and professional building control systems such as the KNX system are important components for controlling the doors in the hospital even more effectively and thus meeting the requirements in the healthcare sector.