Hand drive

Das Schiebetür Handlaufwerk – die moderne Schiebetür für eine natürliche und mühelose Bedienung

The sliding door manual trolley model HL from Reisinger offers a reliable solution for operating sliding doors. It is available in different variants, including single-leaf, double-leaf and telescopic manual trolleys, which are suitable for different door widths.

Our pre-assembled and ready-to-use handrail has an anodised aluminium track with a self-cleaning running surface. The maintenance-free and low-wear toothed belt drive (for double-leaf and telescopic handrails) ensures smooth operation. The anodised aluminium runner with adjustable and ball-bearing guide rollers ensures optimal running smoothness.

It is equipped with a safe carriage to prevent derailment, which also has potential equalisation.

The handrail works quietly and has a rail lowering for gentle braking. The height and side distances of the door are adjustable and the handrail is disinfectant-resistant.

In terms of safety, our handrail system complies with the guidelines for power-operated doors, gates and windows of the German Employer's Liability Insurance Association ZH1/494. The standard accessories include M12 suspension screws, M6 fastening screws and a potential screw. In addition, we offer accessories such as a floor guide shoe and an aluminium guide rail for the floor guide shoe.

Our automatic sliding door systems are a quality standard and part of our offer. If desired, equivalent products from other manufacturers can also be offered, provided their equivalence is proven and a precise performance specification is submitted.

The compact design is the guarantor for its reliable and maintenance-free operation and avoids costly interventions by fitter and/or service technician.


Essential features

  • Low installation depth of 54mm (108mm for telescopic doors)
  • Low-noise toothed belt operation
  • Simple & quick assembly
  • Ceiling / wall mounting possible
  • Single-wing / Double-wing / Telescopic versions
  • Possibility to regulate the height and side distances


Immediately available

Suitable for standard DIN door dimensions

Extremely strong

Can move up to 150kg doors

Also for home

Safe to use at home

Minimum space requirement

Only 5.4cm installation depth


The elegant and practical solution for your sliding door