Fire Protection & Hermetics

Fire protection: Hot applications

Hermetics: airtight applications

Our S4000 drive system is not only an indispensable element in shipbuilding, but also in the field of fire protection & hermetics. We have all the necessary regulatory requirements to install our sliding doors as fire doors. This makes them ideal for large industrial halls, hospitals and public facilities as well as for private use.

Our drive can also operate fire doors, they provide protection at the highest level. They are particularly well suited for warehouses where flammable materials are stored, or on ships to prevent the spread of fire in case of fire.

By using the S4000 drive system, sliding doors can be closed quickly and reliably so as not to give the flames any further room in the event of a fire. The high reliability and energy efficiency of the drive ensures that the doors always work in an emergency.

In addition, we can also operate hermetically sealed doors with our S4000 drive system, which are required in certain applications. These doors provide excellent protection against the ingress of gases, liquids and fine dust, making them ideal for laboratories, clean rooms and other applications where a controlled environment is required.

Our S4000 operator system is capable of moving heavy and large doors, making our sliding doors an ideal choice for fire protection and hermetic applications. Due to its compact size and high reliability, the operator can also be used in limited space and demanding environments.

Overall, the S4000 drive system a key component in our fire and hermetic door offering. We can offer our customers a comprehensive solution that meets their specific requirements. With our experience and expertise in fire protection and hermetics, we can ensure that our customers are optimally protected.

We offer customized solutions for the use of sliding door technology in various fields, including hermetic environments. Our sliding door systems are specifically designed for use in laboratories, hospitals, and food and beverage production facilities to ensure a clean and hygienic environment.

Brandschutz & Hermetik

To meet these requirements, we offer the S4000 operator, which ensures reliable and robust performance. The S4000 operator is a high quality operator that can be specially designed for use in hermetically sealed doors. It enables easy and smooth operation of the door while ensuring a safe and hygienic environment.

In the pharmaceutical industry in particular, hermetically sealed doors with the S4000 drive are essential. The use of hermetically sealed doors minimizes the risk of contamination by pollutants or dust that could affect the quality of the drugs.

Our sliding door system with the S4000 operator offers a wide range of benefits, including easy installation and maintenance, high reliability, and long service life. We also offer comprehensive technical support and training to ensure that our customers get the best possible performance from our products.

In summary, our hermetically sealed sliding door systems with the S4000 operator are an ideal solution for various industries that require a clean and hygienic environment to ensure the quality of their products.