S5000-XL Sliding door operator

The heavy-duty sliding door - the application for the (probably) strongest sliding door drive in the world

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Based on technology proven for decades - but with multiple power

Simple parameterization

Many safety detector inputs

Low maintenance

Low noise 3D rail

Suitable for industry

The answer to increasing demands comes once again from Reisinger - the S5000 breaks records and sets new standards in terms of load, reliability and safety.

With small motor housing depth and only 220V required, the S5000 shows where the hammer hangs - but strength is not everything, safety has priority, that was important to us during the development.

Heavy duty sliding door operators are commonly used in industrial and commercial applications where a robust, reliable and durable solution for heavy doors is required. These operators offer a number of advantages over conventional door systems and are a popular choice in many industries due to their reliability and performance.

One of the biggest advantages of operators like the S5000 XL is their ability to open and close heavy doors with ease. This is especially important in industrial applications where large and heavy doors are often used to protect machinery or goods. Heavy-duty sliding door operators can open and close these doors with ease, facilitating workflow and increasing efficiency.

Another advantage of sliding door operators for heavy loads is their durability. These operators are designed and built for use in demanding environments such as production halls, warehouses or parking garages. As a result, they are usually very robust and can function reliably over a long period of time, even during intensive use. This ensures a smooth workflow and avoids expensive repairs or replacements.

Another advantage of heavy-duty sliding door operators is their flexibility. They can be used for a wide range of doors and gates, regardless of size or weight. This makes them a versatile and adaptable solution for many industries and applications. In addition, the S5000 XL sliding door operator can also be equipped with various safety features such as sensors or overload protection to ensure the safety of people and goods.

In conclusion, operators like the S5000 XL are a robust and reliable solution for heavy doors in industrial and commercial applications. They offer a number of benefits such as easy handling of heavy doors, high durability, flexibility and energy efficiency. If you are in the industrial or commercial sector and are looking for a reliable and powerful solution for heavy doors, you should choose our power pack.

Incredibly strong

Door weights in the ton range possible

Comprehensive safety functions

Great power also brings great responsibility

Low noise

Hardly audible driving noise despite the massive power



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